The Problem

Most cycling organisations devote significant effort to managing the data associated with taking registrations, taking entries, refunds, start lists, results, event artifacts (maps, locations, etc), officials, event promotion, event marketing and reporting. This is not to mention tying it all together with membership and data analytics. This sees needless time and stress wasted on simple yet numerous tasks - an expensive cost.

The Software 

Raceloop is a cycling specific, software-based event and membership management system that simplifies competition and membership administration. The toolkit enables organisations to reduce the costs, workload and stresses of event and membership management all whilst maintaining consistently excellent results. Raceloop facilitates adherence to existing rules, makes information accessible and increases the speed of an organisation by encapsulating real-world experience.

The Result

Raceloop ties in both membership and competition and treats them as one. Although an organisation can easily use either the competition or membership functions as standalone modules, integrating the two will allow the software to do more of the work. This allows organisers to focus on important value added activities rather than time hungry and expensive administration.

About Raceloop

Raceloop is a membership and competition management system for competitive cycling. This software has been born from experience within Australia's cycling administration managing some of the country's largest cycling events across road & track. This includes National Championships, UCI categorised events and numerous state and national level events. We understand the issues and challenges organisations face on daily basis and how software can help increase efficiency and improve output.

The Raceloop system encapsulates wide experience into a simple to use software system that will help any cycling organisation deal with many of these issues. From federations through to clubs, non-expert users now have a systematic and easy way to reduce the time and stresses associated with managing top quality events. The software does more of the work, spreadsheets become a thing of the past, mistakes are reduced and consistency improves.

This is a system built for practitioners by people with real world, large event experience within a leading cycling administration. Although our system can use either our competition or membership management modules in isolation, we take the view that membership and racing are tightly integrated so they should be managed together if organisations are to truly become efficent. Working from the top down, federations and associations initially set up their environment according to their own particular requirements. This includes licence types, categories and membership. This feeds down to the associations and clubs which can easily set up race meets. Our software manages aspects such as competitor eligibility, team management, payments (directly to an organisation's banks account), start lists and other artifacts, results and analytics. This is a point and click system and set up is easy.

Gaining data driven insights into member activities is critical for improved decision support. This helps with directing resources, strategic development and reporting. As events are completed, data feeds back up to the associations and federations. These groups now have full visibility of member activities in real time. Again, efficiency is improved and data becomes a key management tool. As an integrated system, the software supports all stakeholders in the management lifecycle.


Raceloop is a cycling specific membership and competition management toolkit. It brings together real world experience into a simple to use software package which helps reduce the administrative burden of membership and competition management.

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